Soft Launching of Two Buildings in Sindangsari Campus Untirta

Wednesday, 02/10/19 – University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa (Untirta) held a soft launching of two buildings at the Sindangsari Campus, namely an integrated lecture building and a library. The activity was attended by the Director General of Higher Education Science and Technology Resources (SDID), Prof. Ali Ghufron Mukti, M.Sc., Ph.D, Banten Governor, Dr. H. Wahidin Halim, Siti Nur Azizah (Daughter of KH. Ma’ruf Amin), Rector of Untirta, Dr. H. Fatah Sulaiman, MT, former Rector of Untirta, Prof. Dr. H. Sholeh Hidayat, M.Pd, representative of Regional Heads of Regencies/Cities in Banten Province, representatives of Banten Province, representatives of Regency/ Municipal in Banten, Untirta strategic partners, lecturers, education staff, Untirta students, PIU 4-in-1 project, PMU, IsDB Representative, and invited guests.

Rector of Untirta, in his report conveyed Untirta’s policy direction through Untirta’s vision, mission and values in his leadership era. “Smart, integrated and green campus are the targets set out in my vision and mission as a Rector”, he said. He added that Untirta must now be able to conquer ASEAN, because the process has gradually been carried out. “Untirta Accreditation which is currently ‘A’ will be maintained, and in the near future some study programs are expected to get international accreditation,” he said. The Rector added that the Sindangsari campus is the fifth campus or E Campus. Campus A is in Pakupatan, B is in Cilegon, C is in Sempu Ciwaru, Campus D is in Kepandean and Campus E is the Sindangsari Campus. “The two buildings that were inaugurated are hopefully to be immediately followed by the next buildings, in accordance with the planned planning and implementation,” he concluded. He also said that Untirta students and alumni must have a different character from other campuses, so that they have unique characteristics in Banten Province.

Banten Governor, Dr. H. Wahidin Halim, said that with this soft launching, it means that we have started a positive thing, especially for the people of Banten in the field of education. “I have also improved teachers, in the context of my commitment to education. I will make this area, around Sindangsari, as an educational area. We, together with elements of the Provincial Government, City Regencies, will provide support for the advancement of education, “he said. “I hope people come to Banten not only look for a religious study, but also for education,” he hoped.

Directorate General of Higher Education Science and Technology Resources, Prof. Ali Ghufron Mukti, said that Untirta as a center of excellence for food security can develop fish anesthetics. “We hope Untirta can develop technology related to food security, for example, when sending fish, don’t let the fish die many times. The point is that when sent, the fish was made to sleep, when it arrived at the destination the fish woke up again. I am sure Untirta’s lecturers will be able to make things like that, ” he concluded.