Monthly Coordination Meeting of PIU IsDB Untirta

The Project Implementation Unit of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University held a coordination meeting to discuss the progress of soft program and hard program activities on 18 June 2019 in the IsDB PIU meeting room.

The event was opened by the Executive Director of PUI-IsDB Untirta, Dr.Eng. Agung Sudrajad, he said, “After this Eid-ul-Fitr, we must improve our enthusiasm and performance because we have sent the NOL file to PMU and we still have homework regarding 13 Overseas Non Degree Training (ONDT) participants.”
The meeting was attended by all IsDB Untirta teams, both PIC and staff soft programs and hard programs.

Dr. Alimuddin, ST., MM., MT as executive secretary of PUI-IsDB Untirta said “For reports both soft programs and hard programs, we are asked by PMU to upgrade every month, so that reports can be neatly and completely arranged.”

Dr. H. Romli Ardie, M.Pd. as the PIC soft program said “The progress of the Overseas Non Degree Training (ONDT) is still ongoing, there have been 11 people who registered in term 2 (two) to be re-selected. While the Domestic Non Degree Training (DNDT) for 125 people have been determined and we have confirmed the training venue directly for their own readiness. “
Drs. E. Berland Suhermawan, M.Soc, Sc. as PIC Finance said “The budget that has not been absorbed, especially curriculum development, research grants, etc. So it must be absorbed as soon as possible.”

The meeting was closed with a discussion on the construction of a new campus in Sindangsari and a graduation plan on a new campus in August. Rifky Ujianto as the person in charge (PIC) of the hard program said “Graduation is likely to be held on 19-26 August 2019. There is a 2-month period to complete the Auditorium. We are optimistic to solve it. “

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